Conference Solutions

We host a full range of conference solution services to help you create your perfect event. Whether the event is in person, on-line or a combination of both, we can support you and your event from start to finish or just for the specific elements you need us for. Either way, Majestic Solutions provides professional event support letting you put your focus where it matters most.

Conference Planning 

Need someone to handle some or all of the finer details of your event? The catering, event logistics or technical requirements can be a nightmare if you're not familiar or have too many other things on the go. We can take care of one or all of these elements for you.

Hybrid Event Support

With the changing of focus in the world of business to more hybrid events, we will help you create the perfect event that allows guest to attend in person AND on-line and both have a great experience. Creating events that are flawless in BOTH capacities is a new exciting challenge and we are just the crew to handle this for you!

Online meetings and tools 

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Whova and so many others, can be wonderful on line event tools if you know and understand the features they have to offer you. But who has time to learn all that?! We will help you create the simplest or most complex on-line events using this common meeting platform. And your guests will actually enjoy it!

Event Logistical Support

Need production and logistical support for your event? We know, having the right team behind the scenes executing the vision, is a key element to the success of any event. We provide reliable, thoughtful, and accurate support for all of our events, from set up to clean up, making sure our clients feel heard and well taken care of so that the details shine through and the event itself is a success.